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2019-04-11 15:41

Users are reminded to carefully read the terms of this User Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"). Unless you accept the terms of this Agreement, you do not have the right to use the services provided on this site. Your use will be deemed as acceptance of this Agreement, and you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

1. Definitions

  1. "User" means an individual or organization that agrees to comply with the conditions set forth in this Agreement and agrees to abide by the various rules, terms (including but not limited to this Agreement) of the Site, and uses the Site.

  2. "Seller" means a user who sells items on this site. "Buyer" refers to the user who purchased items on this site.

  3. "Dealing" means that the buyer submits the optimal trading conditions within a certain period of time according to the trading requirements posted by the seller, and thus obtains the right to purchase the trading item according to the conditions it proposes.

2, user qualification

Only a person or entity that meets one of the following conditions can apply to become a user of this website. You can use the services of this website.

  1. A person who is at least 18 years of age and has civil and civil capacity.

  2. Under 18 years of age, but the guardian (including but not limited to parents) has given written consent to the natural person;

  3. Companies, enterprises, institutions, community organizations and other organizations established and legally existing under Chinese laws or laws, regulations and/or regulations of the place of establishment.

Where a person without civil capacity, a person with limited capacity for civil conduct, or an organization without a business or a specific business qualification is improperly registered as a user of this website or engages in transactions beyond his or her civil rights or capacity, the agreement between him and the website is invalid from the beginning. Once the site is discovered, it reserves the right to cancel the user immediately and investigate all legal responsibilities of using the "service" of this site.

3. User rights and obligations

  1. The user has the right to use this site's online trading platform to register items, post transaction information, inquire about item information, purchase items, enter into article sales contracts with other users, and post in the community of this site according to the provisions of this agreement and the relevant rules published on this site. Participate in related activities on this site and have the right to enjoy other relevant information and information services provided on this site.

  2. The user has the right to change the password and transaction password as needed. Users should take full responsibility for all activities and incidents conducted under this user name.

  3. The user is obliged to ensure that any information and registration information provided to this site is true and accurate, including but not limited to real name, ID number, contact telephone number, address, zip code, etc. Guarantee that this website and other users can contact themselves through the above contact information. At the same time, the user is also obliged to update the relevant registration information when the relevant data actually changes.

  4. Users may not transfer or authorize others to use their own user accounts on this site in any form.

  5. The user is obliged to ensure that the items posted on the online trading platform of this website and the transaction information released are true, accurate and not misleading.

  6. Users are prohibited from buying and selling articles prohibited by the State or restricted sales on the Internet trading platform of this site, and may not deal in articles that infringe the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of others, nor may they buy or sell articles that are contrary to public interests or public morals.

  7. Users may not publish all kinds of illegal or illegal information on this site. Including but not limited to item information, transaction information, community posts, item messages, store messages, evaluation content, etc.

  8. Users should abide by the principle of good faith in trading on this website, and must not disrupt online trading order by unfair competition such as intervention or manipulation of the price of goods, and must not engage in improper acts unrelated to online transactions, and must not publish any illegal information on the trading platform.

  9. Users should not take improper measures (including but not limited to false transactions, exchange praise, etc.) to improve their own or others' creditworthiness, or use malicious means to maliciously evaluate other users and reduce the creditworthiness of other users.

  10. The user promises that all the activities he uses in using the online trading platform of this website comply with national laws, regulations, and the relevant provisions of this website and various social public interests or public morals. For any legal consequences, users will independently assume all corresponding legal responsibilities in their own name.

  11. If a user has a dispute with other users during the online transaction of this website, he may request this site to coordinate. If users discover that other users have violated the law or violated this agreement, they can report it to this site. If a user has a lawsuit due to online transactions and other users, the user has the right to request the website to provide relevant information through the judicial department.

  12. The user shall bear the relevant expenses incurred by the transaction and pay taxes in accordance with the law.

  13. Without the written permission of this website, the user may not copy, modify or translate the information on this website and any information displayed on the trading platform to create derivative works, distribute or publicly display.

  14. Users agree to receive information from this site, including but not limited to activity information, transaction information, promotional information, etc.

4. Rights and Obligations of this Website

  1. This website is not an "auction merchant" in the traditional sense. It only provides users with a platform for information exchange and sale of goods, and acts as a medium of communication between buyers and sellers, rather than agents, partners, employees or employers of buyers or sellers. And other business relationships. The trading items posted on this website are those uploaded by the users themselves and are not owned by this website. The website does not monitor or control the process of listing, providing information, or participating in the bidding process. The website does not involve in the transaction process of the item, including transportation, payment, refund, warranty and other transactions, and does not bear any liability. Any liability arising from the existence of quality, rights, and ability of the party to execute the transaction agreement in the transaction item shall not be guaranteed by this website for the quality, safety or legality of the item appearing at the auction.

  2. This website is obliged to work hard to ensure the normal operation of the entire online trading platform based on the current state of the art, to try its best to avoid service disruption or to limit the interruption time to the shortest time, and to ensure the smooth progress of online trading activities of users.

  3. This website is obliged to respond promptly to the problems encountered by users in registering and using the online trading platform of this website and the conditions reflected.

  4. This website has the right to inquire the user's registration information. For registration information with any questions or suspicions, this website has the right to issue a notice to ask the user and ask the user to make an explanation, correct it, or directly perform punishment, deletion, and other processing.

  5. If a user has a dispute with other users due to online transactions on this site, the user requests the site to provide relevant information through the judicial department or the administrative department in accordance with legal procedures. This site will actively cooperate with and provide relevant information; the user will notify the site of the dispute, or this If the website is aware of the dispute, after reviewing, the website has the right to contact the parties to the dispute through e-mail and telephone to understand the dispute and to inform each other of the information they know.

  6. Due to the special nature of the online trading platform, this website is not obliged to conduct a prior review of all users' registration data, all transaction behaviors and other matters related to the transaction. However, if the following circumstances occur, this website has the right to restrict the user's activities, The user verifies the relevant information, issues a warning notice, suspends temporarily, suspends indefinitely, and refuses to provide services to the user:

  7. User's violation of this agreement or documents referred to in this agreement due to being referred to;

  8. There is a user or other third party notifying the website that a user or specific transaction has illegal or improper behavior and provides relevant evidence. The website cannot contact the user to verify or verify any information provided by the user to this website. ;

  9. There is a user or other third party notifying the website that a user or specific transaction has illegal or improper behavior and provides relevant evidence. This website uses the knowledge level standards of ordinary non-professional traders to discriminate related content, and it is clear that these contents or actions may cause financial loss or legal liability to users of this website or the website.

  10. In the anti-cyber fraud action, in the principle of protecting the interests of customers, when the user reports that there may be fraud in the transaction, the website has the right to temporarily freeze the relevant user account through the surface judgment, and has the right to check the party's identity data. And require the provision of transaction-related certification materials.

  11. According to the national laws and regulations, the contents of this agreement and the facts found on this website, it can be deemed that the user has violated the law or violated this agreement and other misconduct on the trading platform of this website. This website has the right to The web site publishes the user’s illegal acts in the form of web publishing and reserves the right to delete relevant information at any time without obtaining the user’s consent.

  12. This website reserves the right to delete or take other restrictive measures to deal with the following information without notification to the user: including but not limited to the purpose of avoiding expenses; for the purpose of hype; there is malicious or false content such as fraud; not related to online transactions Or not for the purpose of the transaction; there is a malicious bid or other attempt to disrupt the normal order of trading; this information is in violation of the public interest or may seriously damage the legitimate interests of this site and other users.

  13. Users grant this site exclusive, worldwide, permanent, and free information licensing use rights, and this site reserves the right to re-authorize this right, and authorizes this site to use (copy, in whole or in part), Revise, rewrite, publish, translate, distribute, execute, and display all types of information published by the user on the site or create derivative works of the information, and include such information in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed.

5. Service interruption and termination

  1. In the event that the website does not charge users for related services, this website may, at its own discretion, decide for any reason (including but not limited to the website's belief that the user has violated the letter and spirit of this agreement, or that the user has not logged in for more than 180 days. This website, etc.) terminates the service to the user and does not save the user's full information on this site (including but not limited to user information, product information, transaction information, etc.). At the same time, this website may, at its sole discretion, cease to provide all or part of the service at any time, either with or without notice. After the termination of the service, this site is not obliged to retain the original user information or any information related thereto for the user, or to forward any information that has not been read or sent to the user or the third party. In addition, this site does not assume any responsibility for the user or any third party for the termination of the service to the user.

  2. If the user submits a cancellation of the identity of the registered user of this site to this site, it must be reviewed and approved by this site. The registered user will be cancelled by the site. The user will cancel the agreement with this site. However, the site reserves the following rights:

  3. After the user logs off, this website reserves the right to retain the user's data, including but not limited to the previous user information, store information, product information and transaction records.

  4. After the user logs off, if the user commits an illegal act or violates this agreement on the trading platform of this website before logging off, this website can still exercise the rights provided in this agreement.

  5. The website may terminate the service by logging off the user if the following conditions exist:

  6. When the user violates the relevant provisions of this agreement, this site has the right to terminate the provision of services to the user. This site will notify the user when the service is interrupted. However, if the user terminates the service provided by this site, once again directly or indirectly or in the name of another person registered as a user of the site, this site has the right to unilaterally terminate the provision of services to the user;

  7. Once this website finds that the main content of the user registration data is false, this website has the right to terminate the service for the user at any time;

  8. When the agreement is terminated or updated, the user has not confirmed the new agreement.

  9. Others This website considers that the service needs to be terminated.

  10. If the user interrupts or terminates the service to the user due to the user's violation of relevant laws and regulations or violations of the provisions of this agreement, etc., the user's transaction before the termination of service and termination shall be handled in accordance with the following principles:

  11. This website has the right to decide whether to inform the user of the transaction partner of the interruption and termination of the service before the termination of service to the user and the reason for the termination, including but not limited to users who have an interest in the transaction but have not yet reached a transaction, to participate in the transaction. The bidding user has reached a transaction offer user.

  12. Before the service is interrupted or terminated, if the user has already uploaded the goods on this site and the transaction has not yet been completed or the transaction has not yet been completed, this website has the right to delete the related information of the article at the same time when the service is suspended or terminated.

  13. Before the service interruption or termination, the user has made an offer for specific items sold by other users, but the transaction is not yet completed. This website has the right to delete the user's relevant offers and information at the same time when the service is interrupted or terminated.

  14. If this site is infringed upon the rights of a third party due to the user's actions (including but not limited to the published products, posted on the community of this site, etc.) or violated the relevant regulations, the site is subject to the third party's recovery or the sanctions imposed by the competent authority. Compensation shall be made for all losses and expenses incurred on this site.

  15. For users who violate relevant laws and regulations or violate the provisions of this agreement, and the circumstances are serious, this website has the right to terminate the user's other services.

6. Revision of the agreement

This agreement can be revised at any time by this website, and the revised agreement will be announced on this website. The revised terms will take effect from the time of the announcement and become part of this agreement. If the user continues to use the Website after the amendment of this Agreement, it is deemed that the user accepts and voluntarily abides by the revised agreement. When this site is used to modify or discontinue service, it is not responsible for any third party.

7. The scope of responsibility of this site

When the user accepts the agreement, the user should clearly understand and agree:

  1. Whether or not to download or obtain any information via this site is at the user’s discretion, measurement, and risk. Users are responsible for any damage to the user’s computer system due to the download of any data or loss of data.

  2. The suggestions and information obtained by users through this website, regardless of their form or performance, in no way constitute any guarantee that is not expressly provided in this agreement.

  3. The website shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative, or punitive damages for profit, goodwill, use, loss of data, or other intangible losses resulting from the following reasons (even if this website has been informed of the compensation of the preceding paragraph. possibility):

  4. The use of this site is not available.

  5. Any items purchased or obtained through or through this website, or information received, or the cost of purchases of substitute goods and services resulting from the exchange.

  6. User's transmission or data has been unauthorized access or change.

  7. A statement or act of any third party on this site.

  8. This site other related matters.

  9. This website only provides users with a trading platform. The website will not bear any guarantee responsibility for the legitimacy, authenticity and quality of the trading articles published by users, and the ability of users to perform transactions. If the user suffers damage due to the use of this website or any item posted on this website, this website will not be liable for any compensation or liability.

  10. This website provides links to other websites or resources on the Internet. Users may therefore link to websites operated by other operators, but it does not mean that this website has any relationship with these operators. Websites operated by other operators are the responsibility of each operator and are not within the control and responsibility of this website. The website does not guarantee or take responsibility for any content, advertisements, products or other materials that exist or originate from such websites or resources. The Website does not assume any direct or indirect liability for any damage or loss resulting from the use or reliance on any content, item or service published on or through any such website or resource.

8, Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable for any impracticable, unnecessary, or meaningless performance of this agreement due to force majeure or other accidents. The term "force majeure" as used in this contract means unforeseen, unavoidable and insurmountable objective conditions, including but not limited to war, typhoon, flood, fire, lightning or earthquake, strikes, riots, legal diseases, hacking, network viruses, telecommunications, etc. The objective situation of departmental technical control, government actions or any other natural or man-made disaster.

Nine, dispute resolution

  1. The validity and performance of this Agreement and its amendments and all matters relating to the validity of this Agreement and its amendments will be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. Any disputes shall apply only to the laws of the People's Republic of China.

  2. Any dispute arising from the use of this website service and this website shall be submitted to the Shenzhen Arbitration Commission for arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules in effect at that time. Relevant disputes shall be arbitrated separately, and no dispute with any other party shall be merged in any arbitration. The arbitration award is final and binding on all parties. If the dispute involved is not suitable for arbitration, the user agrees that all disputes shall be under the jurisdiction of the People's Court.