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Lanyard holders makes your phone safely

2019-01-14 11:28

Lanyard holders makes your phone safely

    While fanny packs are practical in some situations, they aren’t always the best choice for strenuous activity and are unlikely to ever be attractive. Nor will pockets, apparently, since activewear and most women’s pants leave us with no place for our mobile devices.

    Since we rely heavily on our phones to provide the soundtrack for our workouts, location services, personal safety, workout monitoring and more, here are some great ways to bring your phone safely on your daily adventures.

Lanyard holders

Oversized plastic lanyard holders can be useful for stowing your smartphone and a limited number of other items, like credit cards or bills. Some lanyard-style purses are available which are long enough to be worn cross-body rather than around the neck. This is a solid option for hikers or travelers who prefer to keep their personal items concealed under clothing.


While it can be difficult to get the right fit and comfort level, an armband is a practical choice for runners or people who need to routinely interact with their phone while on-the-go. With several options to choose from, some models are large enough to carry additional bulky items like keys and lip balm tubes.

Waterproof clip cases

If boating or mudding with an ATV is in your immediate future, you might want to bring your phone along in a water-tight and/or shockproof container. While this might limit immediate accessibility, it lowers the chances of your phone and money ending up at the bottom of a lake, which is nice.

Any ways you know , welcome to share with us .

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