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What is the difference between metal badge paint, enamel and stamping process?

2019-01-02 17:54

Metal badges are made with many materials. What is the difference between baking, enamel and stamping?

Metal badges are custom-made first in the material, such as iron, copper, silver, gold, aluminum alloy, etc., what processes in the production, Jiuyinfang has compiled the following metal badge custom process to compare:

Badge: A symbol that symbolizes identity and occupation. Medal: A badge awarded to meritorious personnel and excellent performance. Includes sports medals, medals, etc.

Badge material: sterling silver, pure gold, copper, iron, stainless steel, zinc alloy and other metals, as well as non-metallic materials such as plastic, acrylic, PVC soft rubber.

Badge design and production process: baking varnish, (imitation) enamel, stamping, biting, printing, offset printing, etc.

Soft badge

Words and patterns are presented by chemical acid etching; stamping, die-casting, and injection molding according to the mold; printing and cutting, and sticking to the material to perform dispensing. Painted badges are often used in employee badges, metal badges, badges, and nameplate plaques. The surface has a large unevenness and a good texture.


Synthetic/hard enamel badge

Approximate production process: drawing, engraving, pressing, coloring (after burning in one color and then burning into another color), grindstone (all colors are polished and then polished), polished, welded Accessories, plating, etc. The badge is a medium-to-high-end badge. It is widely used in military and state organs badges and badges, commemorative coins, medals, commemorative coins, medals, high-end commemorative badges, and high-end collection badges. The difference between the imitation badges is mainly due to the different pigments of the enamel, which is the synthetic enamel pigment--color paste.

Stamping badge
Customized process of badges: design, engraving, pressing, punching, polishing, welding accessories, plating, coloring, etc.

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