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Common mechanical equipment for the production of PVC keychain

2018-12-19 16:02

    1. Engraving machine: It is mainly used to open product molds, because all PVC key chains need to open matching product molds;
     2, sand blasting machine: mainly used to process the mold, the new mold must be sandblasted to produce PVC keychain;
     3, vacuum machine: used to pump the air inside the liquid raw materials;
     4. Mixer: The color required for adjusting the PVC keychain. Because the raw material is composed of powder and oil, it must be stirred to form a uniform liquid raw material;
     5, air compressor: mainly to provide gas to the dispenser, many production machinery are pneumatic equipment, such as mold clamping machine, dispensing machine, etc.;
     6, Epoxy machine: give PVC keychain drop of different colors of raw materials;
     7. Baking mold table: After the PVC key is deducted from the previous glue dispensing process, one of the most important processes is the baking mold, so that the liquid material is rapidly formed by using high temperature;
     8. Silk screen printing machine: If the product needs silk screen printing, silk screen printing machine may be used.

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