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Analysis of the causes of aging of PVC keychains

2018-12-12 18:17

Firstly,aging factors affecting PVC keychain: At present, the ratio of colored PVC keychains and other PVC plastic products for indoor and outdoor applications is considerable and is growing, but after a while, like other plastics, due to aging The reason for the change in product color is to avoid the following conditions in order to avoid product fading: use the best colorant of the type and amount; use opaque pigment.
Second, aging phenomenon: With the passage of time, both PVC keychains and other PVC plastic products will deteriorate due to excessive aging, which is mainly due to the degradation of the surface. However, the use of opaque organic pigments and inorganic pigments or inorganic pigments and organic pigments can delay and reduce the aging of various plastics.
Third, the impact of the environment: due to high summer temperatures, PVC keychains and other PVC plastic products will fade due to excessive temperature, especially in outdoor exposure. Due to the low temperature in winter, PVC keychains and other PVC plastic products will crack due to low temperature, especially PVC keychains, and hard plastic products will be much better.

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