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Thanksgiving Day

2018-11-22 19:07

    Thanksgiving Day is an ancient festival created by the American people and a festival of American family gatherings. There is no fixed date for Thanksgiving at the beginning, and it is temporarily decided by the states of the United States. Until 1863, when the United States became independent, President Lincoln announced Thanksgiving as a national holiday. In 1941, the US Congress officially designated the fourth Thursday of November each year as "Thanksgiving Day." Thanksgiving holidays generally last from Thursday to Sunday.

    One of the most important meals of the American year is the Thanksgiving dinner. In the United States, where the pace of life is fast and the competition is fierce, the diet on weekdays is extremely simple. But on the night of Thanksgiving, every household has a big feast, and the richness of the items is staggering. On the festive table, up to the president, down to the untouchables, turkey and pumpkin pie are essential. Therefore, Thanksgiving is also known as the "turkey festival."


    Our colleagues at the Los Angeles headquarters in the United States will celebrate the Thanksgiving Day every night, celebrate together, and celebrate everything! Very envious!
People have encountered many people worthy of memories and nostalgia in their lives, including loved ones, loved ones, classmates, friends, colleagues and so on. These people have given us care and help us in the journey of each person's life. They are the ones who are grateful to us for life.

    A grateful heart is always needed on the road to life.

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