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How to handle a case for silicone wristband

2018-09-12 17:10

This case comes from a buyer order of silicone wristband. The buyer was our new customer who come from India . That's how things happen. First , We produce the silicone wristband as required by the buyer and deliver the goods to him. Next , the customer received our silicone wristband,and meanwhile we also received customer complaints.

Here is an Email form the customer.


He told us that he found that our wristband were poor quality and his customer could not accept it.  


And how do we handle this problem?

When there is a problem, we will reply to the customer as soon as possible and provide a treatment plan.


We suggest that the customer check all the silicone wristbands.  If all the wristbands are like this. In short, after customer checked, and found that not all wristbands are like this. Only some products are like this.  And we were  reproduced some products instead of before for him.

 Finally, the customer was satisfied with our service.

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