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Test - PVC keychain wear reflects what kind of person you are

2018-08-25 10:15

 Quiz - PVC keychain wear reflects what kind of person you are

    The correct wearing of the keychain not only can embellish your life, but also highlight your personality. The character, life, and hobbies of this person can be seen on a person's keychain with a pattern or a small gift.


What is on your keychain?

A. Cute cartoon doll

B. Photo of star idol

C. Already abandoned, useless keys

D. Only a simple chain

E. Two or more different ornaments


A: A friend who can bring you luck is someone who has a special interest in something. For example, friends who love collecting stamps, postcards, idol signatures, and fluffy toys, you may have many similarities!

B: A friend who can bring you happiness is a handsome and straight-eyed person. For example, school flowers, school grass, etc. in the school, such friends can not help you become a life and death, but also help you gather a lot of popularity.

 C: A friend who can bring you luck is someone who knows through introduction. For example, the girl whom the cousin knows, the child of the mother's colleague, etc., the character is more realistic, you can also greatly expand your communication range!

 D: A friend who can bring you spiritual food is a person who values inner self-cultivation. For example, if the surface is unruly, in fact, people who are kind and upright, you can learn a lot of things that you don't have with such people!

 E: Friends who can bring you good luck are people who like to play, like to make friends, such as activists in the school community, literary committee members in the class, etc. Only those who share your stink can bring you unexpected Good luck!

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